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We are primarily a long-form improvisation comedy training and performance group. 

Established at Northwestern University in the 1994-95 academic year, Titanic began expanding to other universities in 2007.  We performing primarily on campus as well as at local high schools, universities and colleges, out-of-state universities, local fundraisers and charities, religious organizations, national festivals, and at prominent theaters in Chicago and other major cities.  In the past, we have ventured on week-long performance tours to New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and Texas. 

The Titanic Players are focused on providing quality training in improvisation and preparing young improvisers for the comedy industry.  Dedicated to providing opportunity, our system is arranged into four tiers based on experience and personal growth. 

This year (and every year), we will be auditioning for 7-10 new members to join our Titanic's First Year Team!  The new members of Titanic will learn the basics of long form improvisation with a focus on simple long forms. Don’t worry.  Lots of support, lots of fun.  They rehearse once or twice a week, for two-three hours, starting in the fall, times to be determined by the group.  Performances begin in December or January and continue throughout the spring.  The Incubator Team will assist in production responsibilities for the once a month show and they will join the Second Year, Third Year, and Fourth Year Teams in the monthly performance.  All Incubator members are welcomed to join the Second Year Team after their first year! (You don't have to audition again).

In your second year you may choose to join Titanic’s Second Year Team.  Highly cohesive, dedicated to discovery, and excitingly experimental, they are one of Titanic’s most impressive groups.  They perform on campus at dorms, fraternities, and sororities throughout the school year as well as at the monthly all-Titanic performance. 

Our most experienced improvisers enjoy quite a bit of freedom and have quite a bit of fun.   The Third Year and Fourth Year Teams receive notes after the show and rehearse once a week under the direction of a professional improviser and a graduate of the Titanic program.  The directors of these teams have improvised for over 15 years and have performed on Second City stages and with ImprovOlympic House Teams.  They are professional improv coaches and teachers in some of the most respected institutions in the country.  This is by far the best education a college student can receive in this art form.  These two teams are arguably the two best in the nation.

All seniors receive guidance on establishing their improv, sketch, or comedy careers once they leave school.  

What do we do?   

In short, we improvise.  Unlike other improvisation comedy groups, however, we do long form improvisation.  We take a single suggestion and based on the “form” we do anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour-long piece.  The performance is meant to embrace the suggestion in all of its “depth” through a series of continuous, overlapping, time elapsing, time bending, space-warping scenes.  This group focuses more on teamwork and intelligence to “set up” the piece, and not so much on instant funny.  The more diversified the group of improvisers, the better.

How much commitment?

First Year Team:

  • Up to Twice a week rehearsal, time determined by the group, starting in the fall, minimum 2 hours a rehearsal
  • A monthly show starting winter quarter
  • Some administrative responsibilities      

The Second Year Team:

  • Up to once a week rehearsal, time to be determined by the group, starting in the fall after their first year, minimum 2 hours a rehearsal
  • Sporadic on-campus shows throughout the year
  • Sporadic off-campus theaters, festivals, and workshops
  • A monthly show starting fall quarter

The Third and Fourth Year Teams:

  • Once a week rehearsal, time to be determined by the group, minimum 2 hours a rehearsal
  • Sporadic on-campus shows throughout the year
  • Sporadic off-campus theaters, festivals, and workshops
  • A monthly show starting fall quarter
  • Tours
  • Freedom to choose any performance

What do you have to gain?

Experience!  The Titanic Players will give you the ability to improvise and think fast on your feet, an impressive line on your resume.  We will perform on campus, as well as at various theaters in the city of Chicago and other major cities, so you get ample opportunity to brag to your friends about how funny you are.  Furthermore, your director can also guide you through every step of the process to continue your improvisation career outside of school.  We are coached by experienced professionals who have received extensive schooling in improvisation and comedy and regularly perform in the improvisation comedy industry.  No other student-run production can offer this training.   Many of our performers have gone on to have successful improvisation and comedy careers at Saturday Night Live, ImprovOlympic, Second City, The Annoyance Theater, the Stage Left Theater, Boom! Chicago, The Playground, ComedSportz, Theater Sports, and other theaters in and around the Chicago Area.

What do you have to do to become part of this great experience?

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