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Notable Members

The Titanic Players have the highest post collegiate success rate in the industry.  Our graduates have continued successful careers in the TV, Film, and Theater industry, in addition to improvisation.  Read below about some of our most notable graduates. 

Originally from Heyworth, Illinois and a graduate of Northwestern University, Britt Lower now lives in Brooklyn. She has studied improv at ImprovOlympic, UCB, with Northwestern University's Titanic Players, and extensively under Armando Diaz at the Magnet Theater. Her Titanic improv team, Old Tom Jar, won the 2008 College Comedy Championships. Since moving to New York one year ago, she has performed in several new plays around the city and in the New York International Fringe Festival.  In 2010, Britt was cast in Big Lake, a Comedy Central show directed by Will Ferrell starring Chris Gethard, Chris Parnell, and Horatio Sanz.
David Asher has a young and storied career.  He was the youngest member to be on an ImprovOlympic House Team, Valhalla,  at the age of 19.  After teaching himself how to play piano for improvisation he became one of the premier improvisation piano players in the City of Chicago.  After spending 2 years with Valhalla, he was hired by Boom!Chicago, and has been their Amsterdam star ever since.  Performing with MADTV's recent hirees Ike Barinholtz and Seth Meyers, David currently does sketch, improv, and music in front of 300 person audiences.
Eric was a founder and an original member of the Titanic Players.  He was actually responsible for the name, so you can blame him.  His tag line, "Everything But the Kitchen Sinks" was also his, so blame him again.  He is currently a member of the ComedySportz cast and staff.  So if you want to audition for them, don't blame him.  After playing on ImprovOlympic's Genealogy, Eric was on the cast of the Lindberg Babies, the longest running show at ImprovOlympic.  Eric also performed on the Improv Olympic House Team, Prefontaine.
Heather Simms has been with ComedySportz since February of 2001.  Since then, she has performed in Six Degrees, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, A Christmas Karl, Cinderella, Cinderella, and is an ensemble member of The Hot Karl.  In addition to acting, she recently made her directing debut with The Phantom Tollbooth for the ComedySportz Family Matinee Series and has done stand-up comedy with The Elevated.  She graduated from Northwestern University where she majored in theater and was a member of The Titanic Players.   In addition to her education at NU, she has completed the training programs at both the Annoyance Theatre and ImprovOlympic, and was an ensemble member of Fashion Bug at ImprovOlympic.  (Excerpts from her ComedySportz bio)
Jill Benjamin was with us briefly in the 1997-1998 cast.   Since then, she found great success at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam.  Benjamin was the co-star of the wildly successful Pick-ups & Hiccups with her partner Seth Meyers who recently joined the cast of Saturday Night Live on NBC. Pick-ups & Hiccups toured world-wide, with stops in Edinburgh, London, Singapore, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  The show recently completed a sold-out run at Donny's Skybox Studio Theatre in Piper's Alley.  Whose Line Is It Anyway performer/writer and Second City alum Ron West directs the re-mount of Playing Dumb with Jill Benjamin at the Apollo Theater in Chicago. (excerpts from her Second City bio)
Joe Kendall began doing improvisation at Northwestern University where he graduated with a BA in English Literature. In 1998, he was a re-founding cast member of The Titanic Players. His coach, Mike Abdelsayed, was and still is a member of Valhalla, the oldest and longest running house team at Chicago’s ImprovOlympic theatre. Joe studied at the ImprovOlympic Theater, taking classes with Charna Halpern, T.J Jagadowski, Bob Dassie, Craig Cackowski, Miles Stroth, Noah Gregoropoulos and Susan Messing. In addition, he also performed on the Harold team Kids Around the World. Joe has been with ImprovBoston since 2000, and since performed in Micetro, Theatresports, Mainstage, Secret Society and BlueScreen. He is also the Expansion Team Manager and an ImprovBoston University Instructor. (Excerpts from his ImprovBoston bio)
Titanic owes a great debt to Justin for literally keeping the group alive.  Bridging the gap from the group's founders to what would later be the largest improvisation group in the country, Justin's 6 years with Titanic are the group's most profound.  Justin is the only member of Titanic who performed for 6 years and directed for 4 years.  Justin is the member of Titanic credited with its expansion from one team to 4 on campus.  He is was the first "unofficial" assistant director.  While still in school, Justin performed with the ImprovOlympic team Kids Around the World.  You can see his latest online project Bull and Bunny.
Laura Grey recently relocated to New York from Chicago where she wrote and performed two original revues at The Second City Etc., improvised at places like iO, The Annoyance, Second City, and Comedy Sportz, and acted in a bunch of plays. She performed and co-devised the all silent revue Reverie directed by Dexter Bullard for the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, and before that she traveled with the ferocious three-woman sketch troupe Triplette to San Francisco Sketchfest, Sketchfest NYC, and The Chicago Improv Festival. In NY she is performing with Baby Wants Candy, the Story Pirates, the magnet house team Chet Watkins, and the sketch duo Klepper and Grey at the ucb.
Lauren Bishop is quite pleased to find herself performing for ComedySportz. Lauren has trained at ImprovOlympic, The Annoyance, and Northwestern University where she received a B.S. in Speech. Lauren has most recently been seen on the Chicago stage in The Vagina Monologues at The Apollo Theatre. Other recent productions include Cinderella Cinderella, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Blind Date, A Christmas Karl, and the fully improvised musical Whose Chorus Line is it Anyway?  She is the Group Sales Manager for ComedySportz.  (Exerpts from her ComedySPortz bio)
Liz Cackowski was a member of our 1995-1997 Titanic cast.  Liz is our first Titanic Player to be hired by Saturday Night Live (hopefully not the last).  She has performed at ImprovOlympic, ComedySportz, and Boom! Chicago.  She was one of the youngest performers cast in the Second City Main Stage after spending 2 years with the Second City Touring Company.  She was on the Second City Mainstage for one revue, when she was hired by Saturday Night Live.
Mac is the oldest member by age in the Titanic Family.  He was part of the Titanic hiatus to ImprovOlympic in 1997 and found himself playing with the Harold Team, Genealogy, and alongside MADTV star, Ike Barinholtz.  Mac also performed on the iO House Team, Space Mountain.  Mac is The Big Daddy of Titanic whose leadership helped Titanic through its first initial lean years.  In 2006, he brought the Harold to Houston, Texas by founding Massive Improv. During its three year run, it sent teams to the Del Close Marathon, Austin Out of Bounds Improv Festival, San Francisco Improv Festival, and the Dallas Comedy Festival.  Mac was also named to the 2010 American Express/Independent Sector NGen Fellows class. He is one of 12 "under-40" leaders expected to improve the quality of leadership in the nonprofit sector.
Matt Sax is best known for his critically acclaimed one man, hip-hop musical called "Clay".  Opening the second theater space for the LookingGlass Theater in Chicago, Matt sold out the show for over a year.  He is now touring the performance across the country as well as writing a new musical that will be performed in New York and L.A.
A double major in Economics and Theater from Northwestern University, Mike was one of the founders of The Titanic Players in 1994 and the parent organization that supports us, One Group Mind.  Mike was placed on Valhalla, the oldest house team at ImprovOlympic, at the age of 20.  In addition to performing, Mike was also an ImprovOlympic coach and teacher.  Mike was an understudy for The Second City touring companies and the Second City ETC stage, performing in their highly successful review "Yellow Cab of Courage".  He was also a member of the Second City's Outreach and Diversity Program.  Mike is most known for his teaching, having defined the Improv Theory called the Expansion Tree through the experience he had coaching over 30 teams, each no less than 2 years.  His students have continued successful careers at CBS, NBC, The Office, Saturday Night Live, Community, Reno 911!, Arrested Development, Big Lake, and the Unit, as well as national and international improv theatres, including The Annoyance Theater, Boom! Chicago, ComedySportz, ImprovBoston, ImprovOlympic, The Magnet Theater, The Second City, Theater Sports, and Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. 
Peter graduated in 2005 with a degree in theatre from Northwestern University. He is currently living in New York City where he teaches and performs long form improv. He performs at the Magnet Theater, with his team The Ha! Rollers, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with Project Improviser ( and with the independent group Happy Kid.  Titanic owes Peter a great deal of gratitude for establishing a method of teaching Titanic directors and assistant directors, for solidifying the content of our teaching, and for uniting the groups during a challenging  time of expansion.
Zoe Jarman hails from Nashville, Tennessee and is a graduate of Northwestern University where she studied theatre. She began learning and performing longform improv at NU with The Titanic Players' team Panda Panda. After moving to Los Angeles she began studying improv at UCB and The Groundlings. Since then she has performed at UCB in shows such as Sketch Cram, Maude Night, Let's Do This! and various Spank shows. Zoe has recurred on the ABC Family Channel show Greek and appears in He's Just Not That Into You as Sorority Girl #1. She also plays the violin and is a member of the Mortified show's Mortified After School Orchestra. Zoe is a proud member of the Harold team Arts&Athletics.  She has also recently appeared as Carla on The Office.