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Performance Experience

The Titanic Players perform all kinds of performances, including improvised, scripted, broadcast, and filmed. 

However, all of our performers originally receive their instruction in the art of long form improvisation as taught by our sponsors, One Group Mind.

What is long form improvisation?

Most people know short form improvisation, like the popular TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway."  Short form improv tends to have a gimmick associated with a 3-7 minute structured, improvised game.  Suggestions are requested from the audience before each game. 

In contrast, long form improvisation involves a group of anywhere between 2-10 people getting a single suggestion from the audience and exploring that suggestion through a series of connecting scenes, games, songs, and monologues that can last up to an hour.  At no point do the improvisers stop to plan or discuss what is happening or what has happened.  The product is usually a piece that has realism and comedy and takes the audience through a roller coaster of emotions and laughter until they find themselves cleverly at the beginning.  With its overlapping storylines, the best way to describe it - it's like the popular TV show Seinfeld... ...but improvised.



 Click on the video to see the Expansion Tree live in performance!

Want to see more videos of our shows?  Take a look at our Video Library.

Our signature training and performance piece is the Expansion Tree.  Discovered in 2005, the Expansion Tree arms the improviser and group with techiques that can be used to react to any situation.  The Expansion Tree stresses truly reacting to the events and dynamic of the piece as the piece unfolds, as opposed to a defined structure of a piece. In a very basic sense, every action has an effect and a possible set of reactions.  Understanding what they are and how to use them defines our improvisation.  A good chef doesn't need a recipe, they know how to make a masterful meal using the ingredients in anyone's kitchen cabinet!
We use the Expansion Tree to view all long forms and at any time you can see our groups performing The Harold, The Deconstruction, The Movie, The Living Room, Blue Velvet Lounge, Trio, Quartet, Out and Back, Single Location, the Bat, Armando, and many, many more!
We use long form improvisation as a process for artistic creation and communication. Through our established training and performance programs we have been able to develop additional groups that focus on filmed performances, radio broadcast performances, and scripted theater performances.
Want to see an Expansion Tree that was performed live and recorded?  Click on the sample to the right or take a look at our video library