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The Titanic Players at Stetson University
Established in DeLand, FL in 2013
​Established in 2013, Stetson University is the home of the first Titanic teams outside of the midwest.  Titanic Players at Stetson was founded and is run by Kevin Kearney, a Northwestern Titanic alum.
Start Time
All teams perform!
Allen Hall, Stetson University campus, FL8/26/2015 9:00 PM
All Teams Perform!
Allen Hall, Stetson University Campus, DeLand, FL8/31/2016 8:00 PM
Alex Schelb
Alyssa Husbands
Luis Garcia
Melissa Trible
Mimi Shimkovska
Amanda Ravenelle
Anders Hammerstorm
Damien Bleus
Kathrine Pulling
Medorie Peterson-Woodburn
Sam McIntire
Sherry Register
Tony Pizzo
Chelsea Cameron
Lyndsey Fekete
Dylan Forehand
Brooke Klonel
Ashley Martinez
Delaney McGehee
Duncan McMahon
Carlos Nolla