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Titanic on Your Campus

Over the past 14 years, we have encountered many of the same challenges that university groups encounter when trying to start a long form improvisation group:
  • Having a thorough understanding of long form improvisation
  • Conflicts of interest when the director is also a performer in the group
  • Challenges in balancing the fun in improvising with the requirments of administration
  • Loss of knowledge when the most experienced members of the group graduate
  • Cast and director turnover
  • Gaining the financial resources to improve the group over time
  • Continuing past the group's founders
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Through our sponsor, One Group Mind, the Titanic Players developed a system that eliminates these common challenges.   
Our system has the following benefits:
  • All of our teams stay together until the last person graduates with no additions to the cast, this allows the groups to constantly get better and study more difficult forms.
  • Every group receives a private website complete with discussion boards, picture libraries, document libraries, video libraries, task lists, announcements, calendars, and wiki-libraries to organize the groups on campus
  • By using private websites to record information and by keeping groups together until they graduate, we have no loss of knowledge from graduating seniors
  • Every group receives a public website managed and updated by the Titanic Players and One Group Mind
  • Additional web traffic is routed to The Titanic Players from One Group Mind
  • Additional performances are routed to The Titanic Players from One Group Mind
  • Our coaches are not performers on the teams they coach eliminating conflicts of interest
  • Our coaches are professional, experienced coaches in the industry that aid in the group's develop
  • Financial resources to start your group and expand it over time
  • Stage Resources, including portable stage lights, sound system, and web cam, to help make your performances look professional
  • Our graduates receive continued instruction for their careers after college
  • Access to talent agents, headshot photographers, theater artistic directors, and a strong alumni network that is actively performing in the professional industry
If you are interested in starting a group on your campus, contact us and maybe we can help!